Thursday, December 5, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Present

It just has to be said...
Sometimes a girl feels the need
to buy herself a little present.

A love bird, soul mate charm...
and an Eiffel Tower to remind
me of all our shared adventures.
A honey bee for our girl
and a penguin for the boy.
Add on a simple word full
of vision, full of purpose, and
you've got my new favorite necklace!

My Memory Art six word fridays


  1. Looks lovely! We all deserve a little something now and then.

  2. presents are certainly a lot of fun for a girl

  3. it sure does have everything, everthing that means anything!!

    it's nice to treat yourself, especially to something so special, with so much meaning!!

  4. i left a link to my blog, not this entry, oops.....any way to fix it??

  5. Each charm looks absolutely perfect!

  6. This post is causing me to reveal one of my guilty pleasures….Parks and Rec. I discovered it on Netflix and totally binged on every episode they had. In one Donna and Tom are observing their annual celebration…. Treat Yo'self. It is a whole day of indulging yourself and giving yourself little presents like your great new necklace! Just saying…I support you in observing Treat Yo'self!