Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Two Turtle Doves

In our first year of marriage,
my true love gave to me...
Two turtle doves...
And a heart 
to hang on the Christmas tree!
{can be sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas}
{go on, try it!}

Ok. He didn't really give the ornament to me.
I bought it for our very first tree!
{I don't think he's ever purchased a Christmas tree ornament}
But it's OUR ornament.
It's hung on each of our 29 Christmas trees.
When the kids were little we had to hang it on the tree together.
And kiss.
{There were always lots of giggles}

These days I pretty much decorate the tree and hang ornaments by myself.
Which is ok. I've adjusted.
There's nothing on this year's tree from years past...
Except our two turtle doves.
And they carry with them years of giggles, tangled strands of lights, too-tall-trees, Disney ornaments, mugs of hot chocolate, sounds of Amy Grant's Christmas album and crackling fires.

They carry to the top of our tree
all the wonder-filled memories we hold in our hearts.

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  1. Those doves are gorgeous. I love the story behind them.

  2. How gorgeous! Wonderful memories.

  3. What wonderful memories! That's what counts!

  4. Sweet story! What wonderful memories encapsuled in a simple ornament. Thank you for sharing this with us today!

  5. What a great memory! We have an ornament from the year we got married. This year when we decorated the tree, my son started to pick it up. My daughter yelled, "Stop! Only mommy and daddy can out that one on the tree!" It was kinda funny, but also really sweet.

  6. Perfect ornament to pick for this prompt! I also enjoy listening to Amy Grant's Christmas CDs while decorating my tree.

  7. Amy has sung her way through many of our Christmases too. The first Christmas I decorated the tree alone I was so sad, but now I enjoy being able to linger over individual ornaments for as long as I want to.

  8. we have lot's of special ornaments, for the memorable years and the fun places we have visited!!

    it's a great image of a beautiful ornament!!

  9. It's so pretty! I love it even if you did buy it yourself. Sometimes we have to be the ones to take that initiative. It still symbolizes a beautiful memory!