Monday, January 27, 2014

Look What I Made {4}

"Memory is the power to gather roses in winter."

In the middle of winter,
over a period of several weeks,
we all receive handfuls of holiday cards!
They come like roses,
to cheer us
and to help us remember those we love
from near and far.
Beautiful faces to gather and cherish.
This is good.

 I put together a little gift book for a young married couple.
It's a small 8x8 inch scrapbook with one page for each year. 
As the years pass, they can put all of their own Christmas cards in one place
and jot down a few highlights from the year.
It's a fun gift to make!
I decorate the pages, and they get to add their cards each December.
It was nice to give a few of these as Christmas gifts....would make a nice wedding present too!

 My daughter wanted a larger scrapbook so she could keep their Christmas card,
write down a few highlights,
and add the cards that they receive from friends.
What a great way to keep some precious memories safe
and savor all the wonderful holiday cards they get each year!

 A little random fact about me...
I don't ever feel quite right without a splash of color on my nails.
{and love the macro shot of my glittery pink!}
I had some fun with my daughter on Sunday.
We went together to help my mom arrange some furniture,
grabbed a bite and talked each others ears off. 

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  1. Those would make great gifts. I bet they really loved receiving it.

  2. That's a wonderful idea for the Christmas card scrapbooks!
    Love your pink polish (my toenails are unpolished right now, and when I glance at them, they don't even seem like mine!).
    Beautiful photo of the table and chairs with the peek outside through the window.
    Have a good Monday!

  3. Look what you made, indeed! They will cherish the memories for a long while!!

  4. What a great idea, and one to enjoy for a long time!

  5. Oh and just see your memes here, so will plan to join in!

  6. I do love the glittery pink! Thank you for linking up!

  7. Oh I love that little sitting area! And the scene of beautiful snow on the ground through the windows is awesome! Great images and projects. Stay warm

  8. That is a wonderful way to save all those precious cards! Lovely idea! And I love the nail polish!

  9. I love your albums. I keep our Christmas cards too in my "junk journal". Not that they're junk, but I do some art journaling in that book as well and thought it was a great place to keep memories through the years.
    LOVE your pink nails macro shot!
    visiting from Macro Monday -

  10. a great idea and a wonderful gift!!

    pretty pink nails!!

  11. I love to paint my nails as well, it always peel off too fast though. :-(