Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Black and White Wednesdays ~ Weeds

I have a new favorite quote.

It would be a wonderful quote no matter who said it.

But the fact that Eeyore said it
{he's my favorite Pooh character}
makes it even more special!

Cause I love a rose or a tulip as much as the next person.
Really, I do.
But of all the thousands of photos I've taken these last few years,
I think it's my photos of weeds that I love the most.
Especially these teeny, tiny, withering beauties
that have become favorite iPhone macro subjects.

Don't worry.
I didn't forget about the quote
"Weeds are flowers too, 
once you get to know them."
{A.A. Milne}

Please share your Black & White photos with us here today!
My Memory Art
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  1. Those pooh peeps, sure know what they are talking about!!

    Such special images Adrienne, they are all so beautiful!!

  2. Looks beautiful, I always love black and white photos! :-)


  3. i love eyore, lol. your shots are lovely!

  4. I've always loved that quote! Eyore was such a deep soul!!

  5. Very elegant and creative photography ~ I love weeds but I call them wildflowers ~ Happy Week to you and thanks for hosting BW ~ xxx, carol

    artmusedog and carol

  6. We ARE kindred spirits..Eeyore is my fav too! I just love him!

  7. Totally agree! I love to shoot in the weeds. There is beauty all around if we have the eyes to see it.

  8. Waiting for weeds to reappear so we can become reacquainted.

  9. Love the pics AND the quote. A good reminder!

  10. Pretty photos and fun (accurate) quote.

  11. I love Eeyore. And your weed pix. And Josephine. And...

  12. i agree-weeds sometimes have the prettiest flowers and make for interesting shapes for b & w.

  13. Weeds are just as pretty as flowers, aren't they? Lovely LOVELY images! And I love the quote by Pooh too! I'm so happy to be linking up today.

  14. Amen...the Pooh characters have some really good things to say. There is one weed that I get that has the most precious pale lavender color and I didn't even realize it was a weed at first. Beautiful photos!

  15. Beautiful photos - and such a lovely quote too! I love Eeyore too. :)

  16. joining in today -- trying my hand with b&w photo images -- don't do enough to say I have experience in it but thought there is a first time for everything to try doing more of..
    Love your weeds -- they do make a great b&w images -- you have showed-case them in a stunning camera shots... good ideas too..

  17. That quote is perfect! I love your photos!