Monday, March 31, 2014

Treasures in a Plastic Box

On my lazy, rainy Sunday I had a few really good moments while digging through a storage box full of my mother's photos and paper mementos. This photo (from 1972) was taken at my Grandfather's 70th birthday party. He's the second from the right...handsome guy! In this photo we have his wife, his three daughters and their husbands...and all the cousins except one. I'm the groovy girl in the middle. The one who looks like she belongs in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.... My grandparents, aunts and uncles have all passed. My parents have been apart for years. And it's been decades since I've seen most of my this photo really struck a chord deep in my heart. I'm pretty sure this is the last time we were all together.

I found a copy of this photo of my dad - a photo I knew I had somewhere, but couldn't find! This was taken when he was in France in the 50's for his military service. Such a gorgeous shot of my sweet daddy!

As I was dealing with this box of photos, I found a few old albums ... those awful old magnetic albums which are full of acid and lignin - the chemicals that ruin photos!! I thought I'd gotten rid of all of them! So I'll take this opportunity to make a random public service announcement! It's so important that photos NOT be stored in albums like these. Or in those old black albums our grandparents used. If you don't have time to scan them, or transfer them to photo safe albums, take the time to remove them and store them in those photo boxes you can find at any craft or office supply store. Please! Save your photos!!

The most fun I had in this box, was finding a folder full of great-great-grandmother-style photos and a typed out family history. Tucked into the folder was this book mark. Such a mystery! Did a relative stitch it? Receive it as a gift? Was it actually made in 1876? Lots of answers. The only thing I know is that it is very delicate...crumbling a bit. There are teeny-tiny stitches that form the date, stitched right into the paper. It's so pretty!! Couldn't resist getting a few macro shots of the details...

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  1. Was für wervolle Fotos, ich habe auch einen Faibel für Bilder aus der Vergangenheit.
    Hast du nicth Lust, diesen Beitrag zu mir in meiner Foto-Aktion hierhin zu verlinken ?
    Er würde sehr gut dazu passen und ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen.

    Herzlichen Gruß
    Jutta aus Deutschland

  2. Hi Adrienne!

    'Rainy' + 'Sunday'...?

    Where the hell do you live??? ;-)

    Yesterday I had to use a sunblocker not to melt away in the 'severe' Sunday sunshine...

    One way/weather or another: Great photographs you digged out of your family album. This is what I'm doing as well currently, because I wanna make a digital photo book for the golden wedding anniversary of my parents and parents-in-law!

    Wonderful photographs you show us on your blog! I like your style...! :-)

    Regards from sunny Germany, Uwe.

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    I have many albums in chronological order. As I turn 59 this week, I've decided it's a pretty good idea to parcel the photos out to nieces, nephews, etc. I must admit I am not looking forward to the task. I'd scan them, but there are so many! Oh well. There are worse worries in life, huh? Hope you have a great week. :) m
    P.S. That photo of you dad is really fine. And I really like the bookmark, too.

  4. That photo of your dad is incredible! I love the detail you were able to capture of the bookmark. So special.

  5. cool is that!? What a great find, especially that photo of your day!

  6. Wow, what a photo of your dad. Love it. What treasures, indeed!

  7. How amazing are these!! My sister and I have poured through old family photos, and before my grandfather passed we asked him who everyone was and scanned them in - such memories we can cherish forever.

  8. Oh my word! That picture of your Father. What a treasure! Have a blessed day and thank you for linking up!

  9. I do still have a few of those old albums that need to have the pictures peeled out (ugh!). Fortunately my dad spent his last days going through old family pictures and putting them into picture-friendly albums - he took great pride in them. Love the '70s throw-back and such a handsome picture of your father.

  10. What an absolutely wonderful photo of your dad! These were incredible finds. Love the macro shots as well.

  11. What a fun post!

    laughing pretty hard with this part:
    "The one who looks like she belongs in an episode of Little House on the Prairie…."
    but what a special photo - and artistically the two "70's" folks on both ends help frame this snapshot photo. and your grandfather did look great for hhis age - wow.

    also, the photo of your dad - was wondering if you added in that blur effect to the background - it just seemed to have a contemporary edit. Also, did you know it is the eiffel tower's birthday today (3-31_ and so that photo is EXTRA cool for the timing.

    In closing, the bookmark looks special - and thanks for the tip to get our pics out of those albums, I have a few from the 80's that I need to dismantle.
    Have a blessed day!

  12. This post is lovely! Old images are such a treasure. A good rummage through memories is a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon! I think you look adorable in your dress!

  13. i picked you out as soon as i saw the picture. you have only changed, a little!!

    what a great way to spend a rainy sunday. i spent the entire weekend with my family and i am exhausted, but in the besy way possible!!

    p.s....your dad, what a stud ;)

  14. I would have been totally jealous of your prairie dress!

    That shot of your dad is a real classic.