Tuesday, April 8, 2014


the big picture isn't finished
i look up, out and around and i don't see spring
the softening limbs taunt me
tiny buds play with me as if an elementary school art class has been given markers to dot the sky
i know
i hear emerson
adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience
i know
yet i fail

again and again i remind myself
the bigger picture isn't finished
is it ever?
i watch my children
so many seasons have come
and gone
they're young, but old
kids, but not
breaking ground, showing their colors, more than a bud
not yet a flower
not finished, but flourishing
not perfect, but whole

could it be that the bigger picture is always finished?

always finished...
i look down, i look in, i look closely
i see stems stretch
small petals wink and the tiniest of flowers nod
we are whole
we are safe
in this moment we have all that we need
though we are not finished
though i am not finished
this elusive bigger picture just might be

and i am grateful
for the love
of now

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  1. Beautiful! Your images suit your poem perfectly. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful detailed images.

    One nickname we have for our Blessing is late summer flower-as she was born in the late summer and she is a girl, the name fits. Wonderful to watch her bloom.

  3. I went back to read it again, such touching and beautiful words Adrienne and some good things to ponder!! xo

  4. A lovely post with perfect images!

  5. This is such a beautiful post. I love it.

  6. i am captivated by your words and the beautiful image!!

    the texture added to the bud is extraordinary!!

  7. Wonderful. Fantastic photos and the poem to go along with them.

  8. Awesome works !!! Love your way to see the world.