Thursday, April 3, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Color

"Raise your words, not voice. It's 
rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

As the spring rains bring color
back into our world, this quote 
reminds me to choose gentleness. To 
choose warmth. To share kindness with 
all those who cross my path.

My Memory Art six word fridays


  1. Raindrops are always so fascinating and fresh. And with the color in your photo it is very beautiful.

  2. I love that photograph!! What a neat post for the word color.

  3. Absolutely fabulous photo Adrienne, I love your post about Melissa. Happy happy birthday to her and to you as you remember...

  4. Great pic and an outstanding quote to go with it.

  5. A good lesson for all of us...well for me, anyway. Love the quote!

  6. so simple, so beautiful!!

    i love the color, the soft yellow with a hint of orange!!

    i am in love with rain, it's raining here right now. watering all my beautiful flowers to be!!

  7. Love those water drops, and that quote is so good!

  8. The detail of the water drops on your photo are amazing!

    We've been getting rain and it makes everything smell and feel so fresh and new. Just love it!

  9. This is gorgeous! Amazing focus and colors!