Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Night Swans

How can you tell that our local 'Brangelina' had babies?
The swannerazzi are all outside their home, hoping to catch a glimpse, of course!
This is what I found when I sped over to the pond yesterday.
Having heard that the cygnets had been born while I was gone,
I headed straight there when I got home!

And this was my first sighting of the little brood.
Seven of them!
My fellow photogs told me they had just climbed back in the nest
after a little time out swimming around.

I arrived just as mama swan was working to settle her babes for the night.

They all piled in the nest, and mama set herself right down on top of them.

As children do, they squirmed around...
some taking longer to get settled than others.

All of them trying to get as close to mama as they can.

The cute baby face must be a universal phenomenon.
I mean, look at this sweet little thing!
What's a mama to do?

You know, when we look into their cute faces...
and they snuggle up to us like no one else can...
they tend to get what they want...
or, at the very least, all the loving we can muster!

"Mama, there's not enough room under there for me!
Where can I sleep?"

There's always one that's wide awake,
and stirring up trouble.

Poor mama, just trying to sleep.
"Here little ones, I have the perfect spot for you."

"Just climb right in here, under my wing. I'll keep you warm and safe."
Oh, motherhood.
There's just nothing like it.

As the mama and the kids settled in,
the papa got off his feet.
He settled a bit, but kept vigil. 
It was time to say goodnight to the family.

And to the friendly photographers I met by the side of the pond.
Another universal truth?
Birth - the miracle of birth - brings us together.
All the little auntie and uncle photogs were gathered together
sharing in the joy of the new arrivals! 
It was a wonder to see the baby swans.
And a joy to meet fellow pond wanderers!


  1. So so so so so sweet! I just love this time of year in nature - so much birth and regrowth, does the wary human soul some good!

  2. Gorgeous!! I just want to cuddle the little babies!

  3. Great post and pictures Adrienne. The cignets are adorable and she is such a good mother. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow!!! Such awesome shots, and what a thing to witness!

  5. Who could ever mistake such beautiful babies for ugly ducklings. They are amazing!

  6. Your images are simply stunning and I so enjoyed your narrative!!

    You probably feel a bit like a proud momma!!

  7. Fabulous series of shots of these VERY cute babies. great shots. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Awwwwwww - love those little "ugly ducklings". So sweet! So fluffy!!!! :D

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  10. Gosh, this is a lovely series of shots. They are just so adorable!

  11. What a remarkable scene to witness. Thank you SO much for sharing this!

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  14. This is so beautifully written and the photos are stunning!

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  17. Sweet little fluffballs.

  18. Oh, my. I can't imagine what I'd ever do if I ever saw....baby swans (now I need to Google to see what the correct word is: cygnet??