Thursday, May 22, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Memory

Alas. The season's sweet heavenly blooms
fade oh so quickly. They've come
with shouts of joy to refresh
our spirits! May we drink deeply
until spring is but a memory.

My Memory Art six word fridays


  1. As I drove down a tree lined street in Brookline yesterday I went "whoa - it's ALL green now!"

    About time, but I do wish the blooms hung around longer - we have to wait long enough (-;

  2. Spring is just too quick! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. They've come with shouts of joy to refresh
    our spirits!
    Oh My Goodness, Adrienne, I never thought of them quite like that. But I have always loved even the fading blooms as their colors age and petals fall. I have Rachel Ashwell at Shabby Chic to thank for that perspective.
    Beautiful photo and words. Thank you.

  4. Yeah, spring and its wonderful bloom is gone all too quickly - and a memory until the next year.
    Tulips are beautiful no matter what. I posted one the other day that was even a little bit further down the path and I loved it :)

  5. pretty when they bloom, gorgeous as they fade!!

    you selected the perfect color!!

  6. Seems as if Spring morphs way too quickly from winter to summer. It needs to learn to linger longer.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some nice words today! Love your capture and have a wonderful summer!

  8. Beautiful Adrienne. That's exactly what spring is like.

  9. So, I am thinking a coffee table book is in your future. Have you thought about it? Your gift deserves a wider audience.

  10. I agree with May. The combination of your photography and prose is always perfection.