Monday, May 5, 2014

Springtime at Fenway!!

It is always GOOD to be at Fenway!
And especially GOOD when the Sox win...and the temps are spring-time-perfect!

After work on Friday we enjoyed a nice (albeit slow) drive in town along the river.
The trees were in bloom and the sun was just setting when we got to the park.

I have loads of FUN with my camera when I'm at a game.
I enjoy capturing new details of the park each time.
Our seats were near this first base deck - an outside terrace, behind the seats...
with a view!
I love the cameraman on the ledge under the coca-cola sign....
and it always makes me smile when the door of the green monster wall opens.
{to me it's like when they pull the curtain back to reveal the "all powerful" Oz!}

Love the sky.

LOVE this lady and her ball park hat - complete with lego men ball players
and a mini Citgo sign!!!

This scene is so very typical, right?
Everyone taking pics with their phones!

And this is our FAVE - number 15 - hitting is GRAND SLAM!!
Catch that smile!!

In the RANDOM category....
I've been playing this game on my phone
{Thanks Tamar!}
and finaly "won"
{my husband said, "What do you get?" when I told him}
Got all the way to the 2048 tile!

Joining Tamar for


  1. Love. Love. Love. Love.

    I need to capture more of the park next time - I have enough shots of the game (-:

    And Predroia, oh how I love him!!

  2. Oh, this makes me even more excited for football season, only I have a few months to go don't ?! lol

    Love that hat...

  3. These are wonderful photos! I enjoyed them even though I am a ST. Louis Cardinal fan!

  4. My husband just got a cell phone and got the 2048 game. I hate it--because he never stops!

  5. I don't think there is anything about this that you don't love, and I can certainly see why!!

    What a great reflection of your love for this place!!

  6. Can't say I'm a baseball fan but your pictures are fabulous!

  7. The folks at Fenway really should hire you on as their official photographer. These are great!

    Speaking of phone cell phone died a few weeks ago. Still have several days before my contract is up and I can replace it. Is that the most stupid thing??? Then you and I and a game of WWF!

  8. These are great and that one that is completely awash in gold is my favorite!