Monday, July 28, 2014

a few favorite moments...

In the golden light of early evening,
the town square is so pretty.
It's good to love where you live.
I love New England.
And golden moments like this remind me just how much.

Just this morning this little guy
was "chick-a-dee-ing" 
right on our back deck chair.
It was a lovely "good morning" moment.

I haven't paid much attention
to my macro lens lately.
Shame on me!
Had some fun with some bright yellow flowers this week.
Macro moments are some of my most peaceful moments.

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  1. What lovely moments and yes it is good to love where you live. It's so inspiring when that happens.

  2. What a wonderful macro,love the yellow tips and the almost hairy center!

  3. So pretty! I just love this part of the world. It is something special.

    Hope you're staying dry today!!

  4. such a cute little wren!! beautiful images!!!

  5. Hi Adrienne!
    I lived in Maine when I was 6-7 and also went to college there. (St. Joseph's) New England is a wonderful place. And, I am in love with Maryland after 17 years here. (That being said, I will always be a Jersey Girl.) Josephine is happy here in Maryland and she's not even two. Also, she loved your bird photo!
    :) m & jb

  6. love your images Adrienne. The little bird is so cute.

    I would like to own a macro lens, maybe someday.

  7. That golden light, evening shot is beautiful! They are all great, but I love the drama created in the first shot.