Monday, July 21, 2014

a weekend of.....

....nothing special and everything that matters.

Life is good when home fires, close friends and simple pleasures
add up to a feeling of completeness.
We'll be heading to Oregon in a week for a nice, long vacation.
And, it's funny,
 as much as I am looking forward to it,
I'm pleased to say that 
that which is my day to day
is good.
It fits.

I have all that I need and more.

Good hikes.
Fun friends.
Random wildflowers waiting to be photographed.
The rich blessing of a happy marriage.
As we approach our 30th anniversary,
I become more and more aware of how full our lives truly are.

Sharing some Monday musings with Tamar and friends for


  1. Hopefully it won't be so hot when you get there! It's great when you can sit back and appreciate how good life is!!

  2. Life is good, and simple pleasures are often the best. Love your second photo! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, we just recently celebrated our 31st! Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Happy Anniversary to yall! We had a simple weekend and I made a post about it as well. Nothing special but special to my heart :-) have a wonderful week

  4. oh adrienne, you always see life with so much joy and i really feel and enjoy that!!!

  5. What a touching post - congratulations on 30 years - we will be celebrating 50 in September - life is good.

  6. Beautiful surroundings in these photographs, as usual! Those purple wildflowers are so pretty. A long happy marriage is definitely something to be grateful for :)

  7. Have an awesome trip! How fun to take in the bounty of nature, rest, friends, and all that comes with it! Hope it is incredibly fulfilling!

  8. Have a great time and congratulations!