Thursday, July 31, 2014

So many surprises....

....even after all these years.

We're back in Oregon.
My husband's home adopted home.
I love it here.
Even after thirty years, and more than thirty visits...
There are still so many things about this place that surprise me!

Yesterday, after landing in Portland,
we took the "scenic route" back to Prineville.
Now, by scenic route, I just mean longer route...
because every route you take here is scenic!
Instead of heading over Mt. Hood (150 miles)
we drove along the Columbia River gorge, heading straight east out of Portland
and then south through...well...miles and miles of farm land.
The vistas were just breathtaking.
The expanse of sky never fails to shock me.
And I saw scenes I've never seen before!
Only about 50 miles out of our way and so worth it!

{view of the Gorge from Vista House}

{Cheesin' in front of Latourell Falls}

{at the base of Bridal Veil Falls}

{Half way up Bridal Veil falls}

{Playing tourist at Multnomah Falls}

{Working Rail Road along the gorge}

{Rim rocks and wispy clouds}

{Wind mills in Washington State...and a very old bridge}

{amber waves of grain}

I'm skipping lunch at Linda's truck stop and the visit to Uncle Bobby's house and antique shop.
This sunflower was in their yard - you know I had to share this!

And, finally home.
With the sweet smell of sage and the juniper trees.
And our first sunset over the valley.
No surprises here...which is just how I like it!

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  1. The field and the sunflower could be Kansas. Not so the falls. Looks like the trip is amazing. Hope you shared a little kiss under that setting sun. That looked so inspiring and romantic.~May

  2. You look so happy! I'm so glad you are enjoying a trip to one of your many homes in this world. Enjoy it fully. These are such pretty shots!

  3. Found you via Little Things Thursday Link up. Oregon is my home state! I recognize all those places. Did you turn South at The Dalles and head home that way? If so you drove through some of my old stomping grounds. Loved the photos. :)

  4. Oh, now I can relive my trip through you (-:

    I love Bridal Falls - one of my favorite hikes in the area. Have a blast!!!

  5. The pictures are gorgeous! I have never been to Oregon, but it is definitely on my list.

  6. These views are simply breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. So very beautiful. I hope you'll keep enjoying your time over there. The pictures seem to say you do.

  8. So stunningly gorgeous! Oregon is on my bucket list. Someday!

  9. perfect place!!!!! great pictures!!! make me want to go there!

  10. Impressive!
    Lovely to travel with you.

  11. Goodness...all so very beautiful. I love your rain drops pictures and it looks like you are on a very special vacation. Nice to virtually tag along!

  12. I mean come on! Your photos are just amazing! And we were only separated by a few hours!

  13. Your photos are stunning! You represent Oregon's beauty's so vast and different depending where you are.