Monday, July 14, 2014

the joys of the weekend ~

I made this yummy cobbler on Saturday with fresh peaches and blueberries.
It was so good!
Recipe HERE
Learning to cook with real, non-processed ingredients doesn't have to be boring, right?!!

In the completely random category,
I've decided to try and capture some dragonflies this summer.
Aren't they beautiful!?!

I walked for three hours on Sunday.
My version of fun!
Needed the air.
Needed the space.
And was so happy to find my little swan family.
One of the "tweens" is quite the little show off, don't you think?!

Happy Monday everybody!

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  1. That 'tween swan is So Darn Cute! An he does look quite full of his fuzzy little self!

  2. The swan shots are awesome!

    That cobbler sounds tasty, pinning it!

  3. wonderful captures of the swans...those tween will probably make it now!!!

    the cobbler looks amazing, have you opted for gluten free???

  4. Oh YUM! Peach and blueberry TOGETHER?!?!? Heaven :)

  5. Great shots - I love dragonflies! And peach and blueberry sounds divine!

  6. You baking looks delightful! I love wholesome and simple ingredients! That 3 hour walk sounds like just the thing for life and goodness!

  7. YUM! A summer dessert I would really enjoy:)Loved your swan photos and the dragonflies too--I love to watch the latter as they fly around our pond.

  8. A 3 hour walk sounds divine. Wonderful dragonfly shots - I am hopeful to venture out with camera in hand and get some random photos soon. (these are very inspiring).