Sunday, August 3, 2014


Sometimes a walk is just a walk.
But there are days -
moments -
when a walk is so very much more.
When stepping off the airplane is followed closely
by footsteps through a forest.
When that first hug after a year's absence is followed closely
by easy conversation
and a long wander to a waterfall...

When these ingredients are mixed all together
a walk is more than just a walk.
It's magic.

As July drew to a close, our Oregon adventure was just getting started. Soon after landing in Portland, we set off through a lush, mossy forest in search of a waterfall,  and this photo practically took itself. My heart was so full as I watched my husband fall easily into step with his parents. I know how much this time with them means to him....we are so richly blessed with family to cherish. With family that cherishes us in return. I may not have seen any fairies or leprechauns in this greener than green, fanciful forest....but I did feel the magic.

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  1. A walk in the woods and or to a waterfalls is a lovely simple pleasure. Lovely image! Enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. This was SO touching and so sweet. Such a tender moment you captured!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful Photo-Heart Connection! It doesn't get much better - or dearer - than spending time with loved ones in a beautiful setting.

  4. Love your words. Make the photo become magical to all of us!

  5. What a lovely capture and story to go with it.

  6. Lovely post --both photo and text.

    Thanks for stopping to see my Photo-Heart Connection.

  7. I love how the light is filtering thru the leaves...I feel as if I'm there. Gorgeous shot, lovely sentiments.

  8. And your photo is magical indeed... you were able to see, appreaciate and capture it... how lucky you were. Beautiful photo-heart connection