Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Little Critters

on a walk through the pines,
we ran into some hungry chipmunks.
The only snack we had was fresh coconut....
So we shared!
I think they liked it.

Back home...
well, back at my in-laws home...
after dinner,
I went outside to wait for the sunset.
And had fun catching these little hummingbirds at the feeder!

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  1. Well aren't those little fellows cute and the last s shots fantastic.

  2. Wow, these are lovely images..Looks like a pretty spot for a walk, love the cute chipper. The hummer/sky shots are just beautiful. Thank you for linking up to my critter party, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Excellent shadow shots!

  4. The chipmunks are so cute, quite friendly. Some at our campsite hadn't learned to beg for food. The hummingbird photos are fun, I never have a camera handy when they come around.

  5. Such gorgeous photos! I LOVE that one of the hummingbird at the feeder!