Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh, that last day....

....of vacation.
Was Wonderful.
All the right ingredients came together 
to give us the perfect ending 
for our trip to Oregon.
There was family.
And when family is's actually way better than good!


{father and daughter}

{cousins and uncles}

We were in a beautiful spot.
The long stay at the reservoir led to some rather random activities.
Like balancing rocks.

Of course, as we all know,
the only thing more fun than the balancing of rocks
is the throwing of rocks.
So we threw and we threw...
until someone succeeded in knocking down Kaleigh's creation.
{That someone being her Aunt Becky}

And time slowed down.
Just for us.
We stretched out the day
until the late afternoon sun cast shadows 
that stretched out across the hills.
Then we knew it was time to head to the house
and pack our bags.

Until next year, dear Oregon.
Until next year.

Joining Tamar and friends for


  1. That is some serious rock balancing!! So glad you had a lovely time!!!

  2. It's always so hard to leave, isn't it? The rock balancing is very impressive!

  3. It looked like a fun day with your family! I've just ended my own vacation, too, and spent the last day together with a lot of friends here. It's ok to say properly farewell to the summer vacation...

  4. I miss the good old days when family would gather and have fun into the night -- we only visit briefly anymore which sucks. These are very fun picture and I suspect, even better momentos.

  5. Oh, that looks wonderful! Glad you had special time with family.