Thursday, September 18, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Fall

One leaf, nestled in the dewey
morning grass, whispers wistfully of fall.

A chilly rain gently coaxes the
first leaves from the towering trees.

Splashes of color catch the light
and begin to alter the landscape.

My Memory Art six word fridays
Please join in the Friday fun!
Caption a photo, share a poem
or tell a story. Just remember,
only six words in each line!


  1. Oo, I love these dewy mornings. They give the day a shine!

  2. Eine sehr schöne Stimmung verbreiten deine Fotos.
    Das erste Bild finde ich besonders schön, es zeigt beides, Sommer und Herbst zugleich!
    Have a nice day

  3. I love your close up almost macro kind of Fall. I'm so excited about Fall I had to join in today even though it is still just late summer really here in Oklahoma.

  4. Beautiful! I can never get enough of taking pictures of fallen leaves on a path

  5. it's really here at the jersey shore and i could not be more excited!!

    awesome images, they really tell the fall story!!!

  6. You have such a beautiful way with words and between your pictures and your prose/poetry I always feel like I am standing right next to you. xo

  7. Gorgeous! Your photos are so lovely and your prose went so well with them. This is my favorite season so I really enjoyed your interpretation of the theme.

  8. Beautiful picture of the leaf's reflection in the rain. You capture true emotion in all things. I love your photos.

  9. I am still looking for my first fall leaf. We are still really green.