Monday, October 13, 2014

Hunting for Magic

This weekend I made some
and it sure was delicious!
As I take step after step towards wellness,
I'm really enjoying the discovery of all sorts of new food!
This is dairy free, gluten free and made with Super Foods, 
so it's not only good and yummy
but exceptionally nutritious!!

On my walk this Sunday,
Mr, Squirrel stopped what he was doing
and posed -
yes he just hung out there and posed -
for a photo!
"Wildlife" doesn't usually cooperate with me for photos,
so I thoroughly enjoyed this random occurrence.

The real fun of my week?
Yes, I know...
you're jealous of my thrill-a-moment life.

But just look at this dewy moss!
The last couple of weeks,
as I've wandered the woods,
where the fading leaves and pine needles are falling,
I can't help but notice the vibrant green moss that's catching those fallen leaves.
I've begun to wonder if there are fairies or little leprechauns
living in this new growth!

I haven't seen any yet...

...but I'm having fun searching for them!

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  1. Love that squirrel picture! I love chia pudding!

  2. Love the squirrel shot ~ really wonderful ~ other photos are created well too ~ Happy Week to you ~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. That third shot looks like a magical fairy land (not that i've ever SEEN one in person).

  4. The pudding sure looked delicious and I give you extra points for trying to live a healthier life style. I need to but just can't seem to get with the program.
    Your little squirrel is so cute.
    Loved your moss shots, they truly did look magical.

  5. your images are exceptionally beautiful today.....and i could not help but notice that mr. squirrel is staring right at you!!! nice!!!

  6. The chocolate chia pudding looks out of this world! Very nice captures!

  7. I love chia, but have never tried chia pudding. I'll definitely have to check this out. Lovely images!!

  8. Chia - does that come in everything these days? Seems to be very popular - and certainly looks good in pudding form - but then it might be the chocolate and berries that has me drooling. Like gluten - suddenly it got left out in dodgeball along with corn syrup - so hard not to be a cool kid (even as a food).

    Love the shot of the squirrel and those are some down and dirty shots of the moss - quite detailed.

  9. The reason this squirrel stopped for you is so that you could admire his physique as he has been eating Superfoods like Chocolate Chia Pudding!