Thursday, November 6, 2014

Six Word Fridays ~ Glass

{last week, right in the middle of a fun conversation with a good friend -
you know, one of those conversations where the back and forth is full of energy
and lots of words
and "yes-i-so-get-that" moments -
the good friend just randomly gave me the necklace she was wearing....
just wanted me to have it...
that was a very sweet, good moment..
i wrote this the same night}

On Brokenness, Friendship and Sea Glass

Stranded, fragmented and shattered are the
ships that are wrecked at sea.
Small echoes of all that was
grand and beautiful scatter to pieces.
Bottles, tossed from careless hands, meet
rocks and shells until nothing remains
but disparate shards of broken glass.
The salty waves persistently tumble and
grind, wearing away the sharp edges
of all that's been set adrift.
After a long while, and as
if by magic, smooth and frosted
morsels of jeweled loveliness wash ashore.

We are all broken. Maybe not
wrecked or shattered, but jagged, imperfect
in some way or another. Broken.
I believe that friendship is our
edge softening, fracture mending and heart
healing deep blue sea. The friends
who've accepted me, cracks and all,
are my magic. With open arms
I've been held, nurtured and loved.
Over time, like the sea glass,
they've worn me down, softened me
up and shown me my lovely.

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  1. What a fabulous picture you paint!

  2. You are so thoughtful and so deep!!

  3. A beautiful piece of jewelry and such a beautiful sentiment!! I have such a love for sea glass, for many of the descriptions you shared!!

  4. Wow. That is so thoughtful. Friends like that are keepers.

  5. A beautiful reminder that life's treasures come with cracks and flaws - but in the right eyes are 'perfect'.

    You are blessed with insight and dear friends.