Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday Sermon?

At this time in my life, I don't have a church home. I'm a believer without community...without a family of fellow believers with whom I long to share my prayers and songs and worship time. I have found community and spiritual support in other ways...through old friendships and new...but there are days when I miss having a local church home that I can call my own.

This past Sunday, I was feeling the need for a sermon. Not the tell-me-what-to-do-and-how-to-be type of sermon, but a stir-my-soul kind of sermon. Hungry for a spiritual something, I went for a long walk through one of the most beautiful cemeteries in our area. In this place I saw family, love, loss, pain, death, separation, hope, faith, honor, respect and longing. I felt the stone cold finality of my earth-bound life and the can't-capture-it-or-tether-it-down eternal nature of the soul. And I was reminded that I'm just one small piece of the infinitely wide and wonderful whole.

It's the perfect time of year to wander in this cemetery. Consecrated in 1831 and open to all faiths, the grounds themselves are a world class arboretum. I can't imagine actually being able to describe how beautiful this place is. There are always scenes when I visit that stop me in my tracks. Moments where I think, "Pinch me...this is like a dream."

On Sunday, every where I turned there were new shades of color. And it seemed to surround me! Up above, on the ground, over every hill and down around the ponds. Each tree, each branch and each leaf joined together to cocoon me...to carry and shelter me as I threw all my cares away. Every tiny chirping bird, little rose bud and individual leaf reminded me how vital each small piece really is to the infinitely wide and wonderful whole.

In this place where death and life are so profoundly intertwined, I heard my sermon. As I wandered out, beyond my front door, trying to figure out what "all this" is for, I sure heard a wonderful sermon. My soul was stirred and stilled....my heart was filled....and my mind was both awakened and quieted. Self was put back into perspective.

I left the cold stone and the vibrant trees aware of my humble state and convinced that I matter.

Though I was still missing those hymns....

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  1. A very well written piece. And gorgeous colours in your shots.

  2. This was beautiful. I need to go visit there. It is a gorgeous place both physically and spiritually.

  3. I can relate to so much of this post - beautifully written and photographed.

  4. It sounds like a beautiful place to worship. God is all around and meets us where we are as you certainly found on Sunday. Your photographs are beautiful….

  5. What a beautiful post Adrienne. Seems you chose the perfect place to worship, surrounded by such beauty and tranquility. The stone statues and angels are just lovely...