Thursday, December 11, 2014

When the going gets tough...

....the tough get crafty.

It's been a strange two weeks.
Lots of "urgent" upsetting my routine,
getting in the way of what I want to be doing,
and - well - just plain annoying me.
Yesterday's basement flooding was the proverbial icing on the cake.
I stayed fairly surrendered to it all
until some subtle {and not so subtle} signals
started coming my way about how I wasn't handling it properly.
I mean really - it should just be against the law to
kick someone when they're ankle deep in flood water.
....ok, maybe not ankle deep...

It's been nice to have some craft projects to distract me these last few days.
These wreathes that I made for the front and side doors
were so simple!
And turned out perfectly, don't you think!?!!

To quote the wonderful Katherine Hepburn,
"If you always do what interests you,
at least one person is pleased."

So I've been crafting decorations and making gifts...
anything to keep my mind distracted,
my hands occupied
and my spirits lifted!

{Pinspiration here}

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  1. Beautiful! And sorry to hear about the flooding. Hope you get back to the comfort of your routine soon.

  2. Ugh, so sorry your basement flooded - this weather is nuts!!

    But the wreath is amazing!

  3. the wreaths came out fantastic. Very nice

  4. Sorry about the flooding. No time is a good time, but at Christmas it is not cool. Im glad you found some comfort in a project. They turned out beautifully. I hope all gets resolved soon enough.

  5. awwww Adrienne, so sorry thing have not been going smoothly, it sometimes takes your glow away!!

    I don't like wet surprises, broken appliances or anything else that disrupts my "flow"!!

    the wreaths are really beautiful, you did a wonderful job!!!

  6. That's an elegant design!

    A flooded basement is no fun.

  7. So sorry you've had such a rough couple of weeks! The wreath is gorgeous!! I need a couple for my place, maybe I'll try it :)

    Hope the flooding is done!



  8. Boo to flooding! That is obnoxious in and of itself, but your Christmas wreath is gorgeous! I haven't added one to my door yet, but definitely need one after seeing yours!