Thursday, January 15, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Enough

When the whole wide world feels
chaotic and completely un-lovely, I ask
the ancients. I seek understanding from
great thinkers of long, long ago.
It's not just their words....though
timeless wisdom moves me. No, it
comorts me to know that the
ebbs and flows of the human
condition have been challenging mankind for
ever and always. Perhaps all is
not darker now than ever. Perhaps.
In our humanity we struggle, we
fail. We hurt. We heal. And
help others to heal. Again and
over again. This week it was
the words of Isaac Newton that
spoke to me: We build too
many walls and not enough bridges.
An insight and a solution in
nine simple words. I don't know
about you, but I want to
build more bridges. Je suis Charlie.

My Memory Art six word fridays
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only six words in each line!
{and joining James for Weekend Reflections}


  1. too many walls and not enough much wisdom and truth in those words.

  2. Absolutely Jill. A lovely post Adrienne.

  3. So gorgeous. I so agree with Jill, well said!

  4. I am overwhelmed by the atrocities we commit with and to one another. Did you happen to see any coverage of the streets of Paris filled with people standing up for the people, free speech, basic human decency? I saw a clip where some one had turned his giant speakers in his window and played Imagine by John Lennon toward the crowd. Every one started singing out loud and swaying to the music. Perhaps all is not lost after all.

  5. A great text !
    I agree with you, we will make more bridges and we feel that we are children of the earth!
    ♥ly greetings from germay

  6. What a beautiful shot, it looks like a painting! These words will stay with me, I want to look for the bridges I can be building. Have a great weekend, hope you are feeling better!

  7. this is wonderful Adrienne, I really connected with your words today!!

    here's to bridges!!!

  8. a wonderful combination of text and picture!

  9. Great looking bridge and reflection. Looks warm and inviting. We are all with with opposing the violence to cut off free speech. I've got my pencil.

  10. Beautiful words and reflection.

  11. It would be great if we could start to build bridges of hope and communication.

  12. Lovely words and great reflection. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. A great reflection - so good I wondered if it was upside down! Here's to many more bridges and prayers for the innocents around the world impacted by such tragedies.

  14. This looks like an idyllic spot


  15. I want to build more bridges, too! That was a wonderful build-up to the quote. And I love the photo!

  16. I like the post treatment of the picture ; it give a familiar atmosphere to the picture, like some personnal memory...

  17. Beautiful picture!

    It would be nice to tear down the walls and use the debris to build bridges.

  18. Lovely thoughts. I've had something similar on my mind, but I could have never put it to paper like you have.