Thursday, January 22, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Find

with a few free minutes in
the middle of my ordinary day
i wandered along a quiet sidewalk

there was a true january chill
in the air and i knew
exactly what I was looking for

the rose of sharon...more beautiful
to me in the dead of
winter than as a summer bloom

such a precious find... each pod
and seed bringing the smile that
came when I first discovered them

My Memory Art six word fridays
Please join in the Friday fun!
Caption a photo, share a poem
or tell a story. Just remember,
only six words in each line!


  1. I love Rose of Sharons! They are so cool in the winter and equally pretty in summer.

    Stay warm and dry this weekend!

  2. beautiful images. My mum has always told me that while she things the Rose of Sharon is very pretty it signals the end of summer for her...and she doesn't like that. It is interesting to note, that she is 80 years old and has been gardening her whole life, and has noted that they bloom much earlier here now than they used to. I suppose that is due to climate change.

  3. Your photos of this are gorgeous. Love seeing this in the winter too. such delicate seed pods. Beautiful now in its own way, just as it is in the summer.

  4. The "Rose of Sharon" on a chilly January day is a beautiful find, indeed!

  5. this is a beautiful, spent bloom!!!

  6. I agree that seed pods are works of art. I like these photos, and your 6 word way of telling about them.

  7. And I have that same plant in my yard and haven't looked that closely at the seed pods! Guess I need to get out there. Love your photo!

  8. These are gorgeous, I love the kinda old fashioned look of these photos - beautiful.

  9. This is beautiful Adrienne. I like the texture you used too.