Monday, January 5, 2015

So....I'm {truly} a homebody...

No more red, green and twinkle.
Clean space.
Writing desk is ready for Writing Naturally ~ Winter with Corrine.
In these weeks where the hope of good, new habits is strong,
this space, the journals, the pens are asking the words inside 
to come join the light of day.
We'll see what becomes of them!

I've enjoyed four days at home.
Four straight days!
Each and every corner has been arranged.
The address book filled in for the new year.
And a new recipe book project begun.
If I wished for a big ol' blizzard so I could be snowed in for
another four days, would that be bad?

Lazy days gave me time to clean out my kitchen, 
try some new recipes and use my fun, new mixing bowls.
{and fits right in with clean eating to kick off the year}

Perhaps my favorite bit from this long weekend
was a little random project I started just for myself!
I've wanted to make this for years...
it's a book to keep track of special dates by month
and put aside cards for people.
I'll tell you more about it when it's done -
but I'm so happy to have it well under way!

As hard as it is to think of the full week of work that awaits,
I head to sleep satisfied, grateful and rested!
The beginning of 2015 has been perfect.
And my "word" has been chosen...stay tuned!

So pleased to be joining Tamar today for this year's first


  1. I still have some red, green and twinkle to clean up. It seems endless. Rebecca

  2. That quinoa sounds so good!

    Having a day at home to just be and acclimate again was good.

    And I too am such a homebody, even though I love getting out to explore too...odd contrast.

  3. I can appreciate a 4 days straight break - weekends are for the over-achievers and fail miserably to do both accomplish and refuel; it is one or the other. I like the idea of a book of dates and addresses that also have room for cards.

    I look forward to learning what word you select.

  4. Your home looks so warm and cheerful! I'm a homebody, but every once in a while get major cabin fever. Truly, though, home and hearth are for me. I spied my postcard! :)

  5. I am a homebody at heart as well and feel so lucky that I am home everyday!! my space is always clean and de-cluttered and I have an awesome view of the river!!

    being home is awesome and I feel lucky every, single day!! and I am never bored, never, not ever. I always have a million projects going!!!