Thursday, February 12, 2015

Doorknobs and Details

I was speaking with a friend this morning - 
a friend who woke up with the winter blues.
She told me she had cranked the stereo and rocked out
{singing and dancing}
all the way to work.
She said, "It's the little things."
And it's true.
Sometimes when things feel hard, cold, dreary or blah
it helps to make that choice to focus on a bright spot.
To find comfort in a special cup of coffee,
escape with the pages of a good book
or dance and sing out loud to your favorite sound track.

For me,
getting behind the lens is something that always -
yes, I'll say it again - 
always reminds me that there's beauty in the little things.
It just takes a few minutes
and I'm transfixed, transported.
For those who visit 'little things' each week I know you know what I mean!

Last weekend, my time alone with the camera was extra fun.
At the beautiful Copley Plaza hotel
some of the doorknobs are have been around so long they're crooked.
Others have been added to modern locks.
It's fun to wander the halls and try to decide which details 
are one century old and which have been added along the way.

Joining Kim for
Little Things Thursday


  1. What a wonderfully creative variety of photos for 'little things' ~ Boston has everything!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. like your photos . Very posh those door knobs.

  3. so many beautiful "little" treats adrienne!!

    music is huge for me, i often select pharrell's "happy" song for my first up song of the morning, it really helps.

    next is my camera, it always brings me joy!!!!

  4. The little things...exactly why I adore photography too. Such a great escape and way to re-focus.

  5. I love the details you found. And the way you framed out some of the images. Rebecca

  6. I hear ya! The time behind the lens can certainly cure the blues. I think it causes us to see details in the midst of chaos that we would ordinarily miss. Really, there are just so many little beautiful things to appreciate in this often cruel world.