Thursday, February 19, 2015

empty nest, full heart

Away, tucked away
craggy, naked branches I
discover an
empty nest. The recently
fallen snow, resting
gently atop the abandoned
home, catches my eye.
journey along...
keep going. Cause
life does that. Keeps going.
Morning becomes noon becomes
Over and over again without
pause, until each noisy nest grows
quiet. I'm moved to
remember our nest of days gone by... a nest
stuffed full of
toys and tenderness, chaos and cuddles. And with these memories comes
understanding. All those years of tireless mothering didn't leave me hollow as I might have feared...
Very much the opposite. You see,
when you
x-ray my empty-nest-heart,
you'll find it's full to overflowing ~ full of their gifts and lessons, their love and life. There's a
zillion bits
            of each of them making me oh-so-much-more of who I'm meant to be.


  1. Your words are a comfort in mother-weary days. I know your words are true as I feel that way now in the full nest days, and yet there are still those never ending weary times to manage. I have to remind myself that the dirty floors, crumbs, and strewn belongings will become treasured memories.

  2. Beautiful post Adrienne... I've watched my older son grow up so quickly (he's only 9 but still), and so I try my best to savor every little hug and kiss from my 4 year old. Am working on fully enjoying and engaging in the moment instead of thinking about the end of this boyhood tenderness. Always Inspiring to read about your heart's abundance of love and devotion to family...

  3. This is beautiful! I love the photo and the poem is lovely. I never think of writing poetry, it's not my thing, but this makes me want to keep it in my back pocket ;)

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  4. Oh so beautiful! I dread the empty nest. I know it will be a time of grieving but it will also be what you say here. A time to discover who it's made me or I should say who it's making me. This actually fits in wonderfully where my Lenten reflections have been leading me. ( I still have 10 years until the last one will be going off to college! but I know it will go *poof*)

  5. What a sweet photo to capture something we will all experience...ready or not. I have a feeling I'll be plenty ready. ;)