Monday, February 2, 2015

Wintery World and a Wild WIN!!!

"God is in the details."
van der Rohe, architect

This is a quote my father loves.
Something about looking deeply into this "mess" we call snow
reminds me of the good - the miraculous.
It helps me keep some perspective as we deal with some of the hassles
that accompany snow storms!

My iPhone and I have had fun this past week capturing
snow pics from random places around town.

 {backyard view}

 {sunny, post storm back yard view}

 {snowy branches over the public library}

 {"my" path at Horn Pond}

 {Horn Pond}

 {Stop light view - Arlington, MA}

This week's fun began with 20 seconds left in last night's super bowl game.
What a nail biter!!
Such a great game - so well played on both sides.

No question about this household's loyalty.
PROUD of our home town team!!
Now ... out I go to shovel away some of that white, miraculous stuff ...

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  1. These are all so gorgeous!
    It was some game!

  2. Love the image with branches above the library! I so agree about the details. That always comforts me when the big picture looks a little to fuzzy. Congrats on the big win!

  3. We finally got a little bit ourselves. Nothing in comparison, but at least it tamed my longing.

  4. Such beautiful shots and a wonderful way to enjoy snow. Have a great week.

  5. i could lose myself in these images, really!!

    and the super bowl, i slept through it. i heard the commercials were great ;)

  6. the details - so comforting! And yes, a crazy win!