Monday, March 30, 2015

Cape Cod Capers

"Three things are needed for a good life:
Good friends,
good food and 
good song."
Jason Zebehazy

If that quote is true -
{I can find nothing on line about the author of said we'll chalk it up to common wisdom/sense}
our weekend sure qualifies as GOOD!
It started, for me, on Friday night after work when I joined some blogging friends
for dinner at a yummy local deli.
Thanks Tamar and Nicki for a fun night out!

On Saturday we drove to the Cape to visit two of our oldest and dearest.
We were treated to a beautiful, home cooked dinner of sword fish, snap peas and quinoa.
The quinoa was loaded with spinach and the swordfish had a pineapple salsa to top it off.
Seriously delish.
Dessert was a gluten free berry crumble.
Also delish.
I was so touched that such great care was taken, not only to fix us a wonderful meal,
but to prepare this gluten and dairy free deliciousness!!

Nothing says "road trip" like a good play list.
I always enjoy time in the car with my hubby listening to a random variety of tunes
and chatting away.
This weekend was a real New England weather treat.
Above you have the gray, snowy conditions of our trip south on Saturday.
And below the bright, sunny conditions of our trip north on Sunday.

There was one snowy beach day.

And one clear beach day.
Don't let the blue skies fool you -
the wind-blown air was a brisk 30 degrees both days!

Our outside fun consisted of some long drives to gaze at scenery
and scope out the fancy, waterfront homes.
Lots of talking,
some March Madness
and some puppy cuddles.
A good time was had by all!

Joining Tamar for


  1. looks like such a fun time, all of it!! did you get a picture with tamar and nicki?? i sure do hope you did!!!

    i had a super fun weekend with my family as well!!! and it was all about the food as my sister was visiting from pa. and there are so many places she like to eat when she is at the shore!!!!

  2. Looks like a great time!! The food looks amazing!! I also just adore the beach in winter (spring?)

  3. Nice shots here! I hope you had a great time.
    Won't you please come share your photos at

  4. It was such a treat to meet up with you and Tamar on Friday evening - it is funny that my pictures from my visit are similar in the one extreme to the other in terms of weather. Stunning blue skies one day, over cast or snowy the next. I was surprised to return home to colder temperatures, but at least no snow.

    Sounds like a brilliantly wonderful weekend.

  5. Great shots, adorable doggy! There are only a few people who try to cook for my food allergies and it's so nice when they do!

  6. Beautiful pictures! We're going to NY to visit my husband's family in May and I really want to drive to Boston and I'm looking for some good place to see along the way.. Any idea?