Thursday, March 5, 2015

What do you see?

While trekking through the snow last weekend
I stumbled across these branches.
The first thing I noticed was the lighter color.
I thought, "new growth!"
And when I took a closer look through the lens
I saw the buds.
Look closely.
In spite of the temperature and the thick layers of icy snow coating the ground,
there are buds.
Nature is doing her thing.
It's happening right before our eyes....
all we have to do is really look!

The branches have had their rest.
The bare, smooth boughs are starting to change.
Along some of the limbs I see gentle bumps...
like the first hint of a baby in a woman's womb.
A small bump that is barely noticeable at first
but offers the promise of life.
Offers the promise of growth and birth and beauty.

Some of the branches begin to soften.
They get a bit wispy...with soft little hair-like sprouts hinting at what's to come.

So...look up.
Look all around
and focus on the trees!
Focus on the bushes ~ anything with a branch ~
and you will see the signs of spring.
The signs may be more understated than earth-shattering,
but they are there nonetheless.

This is a favorite time of year for me.
I feel pushed to look beyond the obvious
and to see more than what's staring me in the face.
I enjoy the hunt.
Because when I really, really look,
I see the undeniable, unmistakable and indisputable
signs of the warmth and beauty that's on its way!

Joining Kim for
Little Things Thursday
and Kat for her
Writer's Workshop


  1. Oh I know, several weeks ago I saw a hint of a green halo around some of the trees, and this week they are nearly full of leaves right before my eyes. And the pear trees are so full of blooms...It was 86 a day ago and it's 30 right now...I can't handle such extreme temps - its' killin' me! Just north of us here in Texas, they even got 6 inches of snow!!!

  2. I thought a couple of days ago I was seeing tiny bits of green here and there - but last night we got a foot of snow! Come on, spring, I'm waiting for you!

  3. oh, I see some buds - nothing here yet - so fully of snow and gloom!

  4. I do, I do, see the buds! Yes, oh sweet morning yes, and I feel the hope of spring moving in!

  5. Lovely creative shots!

    I saw some green poking through the snow here too! Isn't it delightful!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. I saw the other day there were some little bumps on my rose bush branches. I'm going to focus on that instead of the 9 inches of snow that fell yesterday ...

    Thanks for making me think of spring!

  7. I have been looking for them here but I haven't seen anything yet - but this is definitely hopeful.
    You wrote this so beautifully. Very poetic. I loved it. Made me happy. Thank you for that :)

  8. I'll just know the buds on these trees are looking forward to Spring as much as we are!! Hope is so evident in your lovely poem!!! Thank you!

  9. I saw buds on my tree this week too! Thanks goodness! I am holding onto that while the snow is currently piling up here....

  10. Our apricot and cherry tree buds swelled early because of the unusually warm weather this winter. Then, a few days ago we got some very cold weather that froze the buds. I'm not sure what we'll get from the orchard this year. Hopefully the peach trees don't freeze!

  11. It's almost too hard to believe that there is underground, behind the scenes work going on in the midst of this freeze! But yes, tiny miracles are happening all around!

  12. There is hope!!
    It will be amazing to watch spring awaken this year!

  13. I bet this year --of all years--you are particularly ready to see those buds! ~May

  14. as in life.. you just have to really look!!!

  15. These are gorgeous photos! And it always amazes me that as long and dreary as the winter appears, nature is doing her thing. If we are lucky enough we notice it, but it goes one whether we see or not...and one day we are amazed at the transformation.

  16. I love seeing those first blossoms start poking through

  17. such a beautiful and hopeful post today. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on