Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Black & White Wednesday ~ Balance?

"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance
you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

I first saw this gentleman with his bike in the back woods.
When I reached the main path that borders the pond
a young boy was watching him repair a spoke.
"How old is that bike?" the young boy asked.
"It's US Army issue from 1948," the gentleman answered.
"Wow!" said the boy.
"Wow, indeed..." I thought.

Time marches on.
Keeps right on moving.
No matter how much we wish it would slow down,
one moment turns into another,
one day into the next.
Perhaps the key to maintaining some balance in life
really is to keep moving right along with time.

Physically moving -
to strengthen our bodies and keep new cells growing.
Intellectually moving -
to sharpen our minds and keep learning.
Emotionally moving -
to enrich our relationships and experience life more fully in the moment.
Spiritually moving -
with an open mind and a seeker's heart.

As I was moving along a back woods path,
I heard the "dring-dring" of an old fashioned bicycle bell behind me.
"On your left," came the cheery voice.
I stepped easily to my right
and looked to catch the rider's smile
as she breezed by.

Though we were moving at different paces
and in different ways,
we shared a moment
in the back woods on a sunny day.
Neither of us lost our balance.
We shared the path easily, even with our differences.

And got a wink of approval from the sun
in the bike's little rear view mirror.

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  1. I love the bit of vintage-y feel to the photos and they go perfectly well with what you've written. Beautiful post; so true.

  2. A charming post. Love the photos and I can almost "hear" the bicycle!

  3. Charming photos. The vintage look goes well and I am glad you captured that sunburst!

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  5. You've described very nice and the photos wonderful
    agree with your post .
    Greetings from germany

  6. Great Einstein quote.
    And I love your images

  7. What a gorgeous post, love your images and love your thoughts behind the story.

    Send your warm greetings.


  8. An old timer and an old time bike, nice. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. I love it! these are like no ordinary black and white shots! I love the texture and the drama.

  10. Beautiful!! And the vintage effect is perfect!

  11. I really like the mood the tone of your BW's creates. Great editing choice.

  12. Oh my...!!! THis is the best post I´ve come acrosss today! Perfect from beginning to end, it gave me goosebumps and an extra heart bit! Loved it!

  13. Insightful post and quote and exquisite bw shots! Love the 1948 Army issue bike!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  14. So profound from start to finish. I love when events, normal and not especially spectacular events, happen around us and suddenly it is as if a lightbulb goes off and appreciation swells inside. Wonderful series of images to accompany your walk.

  15. Loved your thought process in this post - poetic and very thoughtful:)

  16. Great post, as always... finding that elusive balance, I love how you've described it. In my search for it, I'm always compelled to lock in on trying to change a current state, but it makes a lot of sense to keep moving along, on every plane you described. love.

  17. Oh my, what a sweet post, and I can hear that dring-dring, right here. (I still have one just like it on my own bike). Beautiful captures of your lovely day on the trail!

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