Sunday, April 26, 2015

Horn Pond Happiness

As the weather changes,
the turtles come out to sun themselves.
As I've shared, it is one of the most amusing signs of spring at the pond!

As the birds sing a chorus of "Hallelujah" 
I'm easily mesmerized by
all the fresh hints of leaves and flowers to come.

From my perspective,
{just a walker along the path}
there were birds to be found below me 
{scrounging food on the ground}
and high above me
{keeping a watchful eye over the pond.}

And thanks to technology,
I can keep the pond,
and her treasures,
with me wherever I go.

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  1. Love how creative you got with the prompts! It is so amazing watching nature wake up!

  2. Hello, what a great post. The images are beautiful. I love the birds and the buds..Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy Sunday!

  3. Lovely photos. Interesting birds and animals !!!

  4. Love your photos. And the turtles are so cute <3

  5. No one walks along a pond, quite the way you do, capturing all the beauty and details that Mother Nature offers!! You see, capture and appreciate everything!! The hawk image is outstanding, such a majestically sighting!!

    Have a great week Adrienne!!

  6. Fantastic! Beautiful images! Love those turtles sunning themselves! X

  7. The turtles are great fun, and that raptor is spectacular!

  8. What a beautiful visit to the pond!