Monday, April 6, 2015


{I wrote this last year...really sums up how I feel today as my first baby turns I thought I'd re-post}

She is life's greatest gift to me. The gift I never asked for or knew that I wanted. By the time her little brother came along, I knew how good this motherhood thing could be. He was wanted and wished for because she had been. This precious girl who made me a mother turns 27 this weekend.

Her first moments were spent with her eyes wide open. She was born ready. It seems to me she came to us wanting nothing, and giving every bit of her little self. When her eyes were open and fixed on you she pulled you back from wherever you'd wandered and planted you right in the moment with her. My first "living in the moment" moments came locked in those eyes.

As a baby she was the embodiment of peace. Which means she slept. A lot. And hardly ever cried. At all. I'm not even kidding a little bit. Watching her coo easily in her crib, I caught glimpses of that spiritual peace that passes all understanding.

The first moment I remember noticing how deeply she cared about other people, we were with a group of friends on a day trip. Every time we got on or off the train, or sat down at a cafe or left a museum, she'd look around to make sure everyone was there. She was three. I could tell stories about how thoroughly-completely-wholly she cared for her baby brother. Or how blessed the families she nannies for have felt. Instead, I'll just keep on watching and learning.

Planes, trains and automobiles. She loves them all. Travel. Adventure. Her first solo over seas trip was at age 8. {and by solo, I mean she and her 5 year old brother traveled as accompanied minors} I love how brave she is.

Then, there's her wide open heart. If you've ever found a place inside of her heart, you'll always have a place there. She's fiercely loyal. And has taught me more about forgiveness than anyone else I know.

My brother used to tell me when Melissa was a child that she had an old soul. She's so sensitive and intuitive. And brings out the faith in me. She trusts in goodness. Always helps me to see the good.

So, as her birthday approaches, I thought I'd take a minute to tell the world about a few things she's taught me over the years. Presence. Peace. Loving Kindness. Bravery. Forgiveness. Faithfulness. From that first wide-eyed moment until now, I've loved learning....with her and from her.

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  1. this is so beautiful, so heartfelt, i hope she has made a copy. i only have nieces but we have very special relationships!!!

    your love for your children is very evident!! i hope you had a special weekend!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! And so so beautiful. Before being a mom I thought as a parent your were the teacher - now I know the truth. We are the ones being taught the most.

  3. What a beautiful child. It seems she was blessed with a truly divine soul... a most Joyeux Anniversaries to Melissa!