Thursday, April 9, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Want

In March I learned, yet again,
that spring won't come until it 
is darn well good and ready. 

No matter what I might want.

Chilly April seems to be pointing
out that I didn't thoroughly learn
last month's lesson. So I take
note of little changes....and wait.

My Memory Art six word fridays
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  1. What a fun and challenging blog hop! Love your photo and poem. Hope you get a taste of spring soon!

  2. That image would make a really lovely fabric.

  3. It will be so worth it when it it arrives!

  4. i have blooms, i am sure it is coming!!!!

    it better stay, for more than a day!!!

  5. A lovely photo- thank goodness our sun is shining now- seriously we've had snow showers all morning. It was sticking too, grrr! That was all I could think, but your Six Word Fridays, brought me to a much happier place, just forgetting about it for a while! What I wanted, arrived, yes!

  6. This is a gorgeous image and sentiment. I'm learning to relax more in my wants and timelines for things. Some things will come in due time and some things may never, but it will be ok. At least seasons are one of those things we can sort of count on to eventually change. Warmest wishes!