Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Joy in my Now

Have I mentioned that I love this in-between-season?
I think I have.
Forgive me if I'm repeating myself...
but nature seems to be rewarding me with this object lesson again and again.

The old is not completely gone.
I see last season's dried flowers hanging on. I mean, hanging on for dear life!!
     {How these dried flowers hung on through this winter and re-emerged from beneath the snow is beyond me}
From the same branches, from deep inside each stem, new life breaks through.
And that is the now. Just like our now. The everyday kind of now.
Each ordinary moment has some of our "old" hanging on
                     as the new life pushes us towards a vision of what's to come.

As I watch mother nature show us the beginnings of spring, I'm reminded of the joy that is the in-between. The now. No use fighting the old...or focusing on it. It's with us. We carry it with us, in us. It's led us right here and contributes to the beauty that is now. No use longing for what's to come. Though the promise of bright, cheery blooms might fill us with hope, I'd hate to miss the subtle beauty that is this new growth because I'm longing for what's not yet here.

It's all around me right now. The ground, the bushes, plants and trees are shedding the last of the old season while embracing the promise of new life. Nature is showing me the beauty of in-between...the joy of my now.

And I am, yet again, enchanted.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the between Seasons too.

  2. :) reminds me of the quote by Nancy Levin: "Honor the space between no longer and not yet."

  3. This is so lovely.
    No use focusing on the old -- we carry it with us, in us .... contributes to the beauty that is now
    Such truth. We can't change it. What we have is the here and now. You wrote this beautifully.

  4. So well said! I love seeing the new amidst the old - proof of the cycle nature has!

  5. It's a gift, seeing what everyone else misses!!

  6. I need that. I feel like I'm hanging on to some old that I need to let go, but can't right now. So, might as well embrace it and work around it. :)