Monday, April 20, 2015

Walden Pond

"Live in each season as it passes;

breathe the air,

drink the drink,

taste the fruit,

and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."

Henry David Thoreau

Such a blessing to live so close to this
birthplace of exquisite reflection.
Our Sunday stroll,
sandwiched between hosting, meal planning,
curtain hanging and errands
was, indeed,
food for the soul.

Joining Tamar for some
Good. Random. Fun.


  1. beautiful - our very good friends live in Sudbury and have taken us there before. It's such a peaceful sanctuary.

  2. Absolutely food for the heart and soul. Your words and photos brighten my day. Thank you. Life is good, just look around!It's waiting.

  3. I still have not managed to get there....must remedy that!!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen such close-ups of Walden Pond. Great reminder from Thoreau, too.

  5. i don't think i would be happy without the beautiful seasons!!! we had a stellar weekend, in every way possible and i am completely exhausted!!!!

    beautiful images, love those sweet hands holding on to each other!!!!

  6. A gorgeous location to welcome in this season of rebirth.

  7. Oh how I adore your shot of the clasped hands, the perspective and angle give the shot such visual I terest.

  8. Nice! I was at Walden many years ago. Now we live on a pond.

  9. Amazing! We just read his works in my English class. It would have been great to take the students to visit it.

  10. beautiful images + beautiful perspective! x