Monday, May 11, 2015

Portraits of Motherhood

Sunday was a beautiful day.
A glorious day to wander.
So, wander I did.
I headed north to a beautiful state park - hoping to see pathways full of blooming rhododendrons.
Less than 40 miles north, and very little was blooming.
I'll have to go back if I hope to catch the floral beauty of this park.

as is often the case,
when I set out to find one thing,
it is something else entirely that moves my heart.
Yesterday it was the many images of motherhood that caught my eye.
So good to see the families ~ all shapes, sizes, ages and stages...
and all the fun they were sharing.

This mom was setting up a picnic for her two little boys...

This mom was left to nap under the shade tree while dad walked with the baby filled stroller....

This mom sat quietly while her teens explored the woods behind her...

This mom stood on the shore and watched her 'tween' wade in the water...

This mom celebrated with her 'village'....

This mom celebrated with her children and her mother....the generations gathered...

This mom waited for her little guy to take her hand...

This mom hiked with her clan....

And this mom, as we all do, waited for the straggling, littlest one to catch up to the rest of the family...

So many beautiful portraits of motherhood.

{Also..... in the completely random category... I found a smiling crocodile in a tree!!}

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  1. Lovely day! I adore the first family image. The scale of family to tree is great!

  2. I adore this! What great images.
    Which park were you at?

  3. I love how you edited these photos - they are all beautiful images and moments captured.

  4. What a lovely post - it cheers the heart to see such love captured on your walk.

  5. oooooh these are just wonderful!!! i love that crock, he was enjoying your enthusiasm!!!!