Friday, May 22, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Face

Playing tourist ~ Jardin de Luxembourg ~ Paris

Let's face it ~ time does fly!
In the twenty seven years since
this photo, there have been many
pounds lost, gained....and lost again.
There's less hair, many more wrinkles
and hints of the wisdom that
comes as we age. And grow.

Only Paris remains the same ~ her
timeless beauty seemingly untouched by the
passing years. Ah, ma chere Paris ~
comme tu me manques. Toujours. Beaucoup.

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  1. You are giving me some serious wanderlust with your Paris memories. Are you going back? I'd love to see your take on the city now.

  2. a life well lived....

    what a great image!!!

    (i just woke up...and i am actually pretty happy about that!!)

  3. great photo, yes time flies for sure, and how wonderful that our memories don't wrinkle, possible fade a tiny bit but not if we keep recalling them!

  4. Time does seem to fly, doesn't it?
    By the way, I'm nominating you to participate in the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge tomorrow on my blog post. (If you'd rather not participate, that will be fine! No pressure!)