Thursday, June 18, 2015


to the echoes of long, long ago..
the echoes of those who imagined, planned
and built
the garden.

Do you hear their footsteps
across wooded acreage?
Do you hear their pencils
as they sketch
and shape the vision?
Do you hear axes chop,
trees fall,
shovels dig or
stone pile on stone?

to the echoes of long ago...
the echoes of those who walked, planted
and played in
the garden.

Do you hear their footsteps
across pebbled paths?
Do you hear the scurrying
and laughter of 
frolicking children?
Do you hear the
sweet nothings of young lovers
float across the evening breeze?

to the quiet of yesterday...
the quiet of my
wandering mind.
The quiet of a sunlit, June day.
A quiet that
welcomes the echoes,
dismisses the worries
dances to the rhythm of
chirping birds.

Joining Kim for
Little Things Thursday
Mama Kat for her
Writer's Workshop


  1. I love the manicured European style garden - one day...

  2. lovely...listening can be so hard. I love that listen and silent have the same letters because really, you have to be silent in order to truly listen.

  3. I love listening for the echoes of those who came before. It is why I love old houses. I want to know their stories. Another great poem!

  4. Looking really nice in New England! Love the formal garden feel.

  5. I had never thought these things before, but I will now. You've opened my eyes to see the vision of the creators.

  6. Definitely makes me wish for a beautiful garden in my own backyard!