Friday, July 17, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Fly

Today's the day we fly away.
There's another summer wedding this weekend...
in the middle of Wisconsin's cornfields.
Then it's off to beautiful Oregon.

Today's the day we fly away.
For two whole, long, wonderful weeks.

And I've made a big decision.
The laptop is not joining me.
That's right. Not. Bringing. The. Computer.

In the {almost} five years since
I started this blog, I've not
taken a break. So it's time.
I'll be back for six words
and black and white Wednesdays the
first week of August. Until then
you'll find me on Instagram @scrapbookmom17...

...or with a book, or at
the lake, or taking a nap.

Don't worry....You'll see all the
Oregon loveliness when we get home!

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  1. Happy Holidays!
    Herzlich Pippa

  2. what a beautiful image and a GREAT decision!!! have a blast!!!

  3. woo hoo for taking a break! And a bigger woo hoo for coming to Oregon!

  4. I didn't even mention that this photo is spectacular!

  5. Pretty hummer image and I hope you enjoy your break! Have a great trip!