Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Road Trippin'

We had a crazy/fun month of July.
Two weddings.
Time with some of our dearest friends.
And lots of time surrounded by our precious family.

In order to get to all this fabulousness
we logged over 1,500 milles on the open road!
Some of those miles were spent driving through
beautiful Wisconsin farm country!

The big sky,
working farms
and classic red barns
fiiled our drive with loveliness!

Good thing we love long drives
with great play lists,
postcard worthy photo ops,
and hours and hours of talk time.

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  1. You guys lived it up this summer!!

  2. What a great idea to frame the barn with the window opening, I try to not have the mirror showing. Thanks for linking this week and I hope that you can return again. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Such beautiful photos - I love seeing different landscapes and scenery. I always find a different kind of beauty when I'm home in the midwest.

    Like Tom, I love the window framed photo.

  4. Beautiful countryside! I think the second one would make a wonderful puzzle. I love to work puzzles and if this was one, I'd pick it!!

  5. Stunning!! That first photo is great - framed in the car window. Our cousins say that Wisconsin is very green this summer, from all the rain they have been getting - your photos show that very well.

  6. You did see some fabulous barns along the way.

  7. You've framed it beautifully with the window opening.
    I love all the different roof styles on this one farm!

  8. same here, he loves what i love and my itunes always win over his!!!! awesome captures, they have wonderful spreads there in wisconsin!!!!

  9. You passed through Wisconsin!! We have lived here for 255 years, from Chicago originally. I never grow tired of seeing the beautiful farmland. Nothing I love more than a car ride! Beautiful pictures!