Monday, August 17, 2015

Smith Rock

{view of Smith Rock from across one of the ranches that surrounds it - Central OR}

         This July marked my 32nd summer trip to Central Oregon. I love this place. Not only do we have most all of my husband’s side of the family there, but the scenery is breathtaking. Heart stopping. Soul refreshing. And because it’s a trip we make at almost the same time every year, I find myself reflecting on the previous 365 days and setting my sights on the next chapter.
          Last year our trip took place about three months after I had renewed my journey toward wellness. I was able to, albeit very slowly and cautiously, climb Smith Rock – a climb I’d been wanting to make for decades. This year, I was not only able to climb this 3.8 mile loop trail that gains 1000 feet in elevation, but I EASILY completed the trail BY MYSELF!! This feat was such an incredible victory moment for me!
          During our two week stay in Oregon, I also completed several six mile loops up and down the hilly street where my in-laws live. The crazy part of this piece of the story is that I was able to walk for three miles, RUN for two miles and then do the last “cool down” mile while walking back up the grade to their home. Last year that mile walk up the grade was a killer. This year it was my “cool down” mile after a run! Now… just keeping it real… the “run” was really slow. More of a gentle jog. But I did it – two miles without stopping!
          Oh, what a difference a year can make! I truly believe that my {54 year old} body is re-creating itself from the inside out. The chiropractic treatments, the rest, the water and the whole food nutrition are working their magic on me. And I am being made new!

It's good to look back and to reflect on where you've been... take time and gather the random reflections that come your way...

...and to look ahead and reflect upon where you might go next!

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  1. Good for you! And what a lovely place to revel in the physical changes!

  2. what a truly beautiful place. I can see why you come back to it year after year. Congratulations on your improved health and your new abilities. I have found my fifties (i am 52) to be my best decade in...well, decades! I hope they go by nice and slow!

  3. you look so good adrienne, so beautiful, so happy!!! i would give anything to be able to walk, any distance, but i am grateful for my bike and my short rides on that!!!

    it is wonderful to see someone enjoy life so much, and to appreciate all the little, and big things. the view is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Well done, you!! What amazing accomplishments in stunning surroundings!

  5. Definitely on my bucket list. Gorgeous!

  6. I love Smith Rock and agree central Oregon's scenery is breathtaking! Your post today inspired me as I, too, am in my 50s. Thank you.

  7. Well done!! We were in OR 4 years ago and I loved everything about our stay there. Seeing your photos makes me want to visit again.