Thursday, October 22, 2015

Crock Pot Season

weather is cooler
darkness is swallowing us earlier and earlier
it's time
soup time
crock pot time

it's time for me to find some of that clean eating mojo
i've had
and {somewhat} lost

haven't abandoned the basics
but the menus have gotten

to help me with my mojo
i turned to a favorite hobby
to help me rekindle a fire for a not so favorite necessity

i'm creating a recipe book!
it stands up!
isn't it so cute?!?

i'll tell ya...
sometimes it's the little things
thanks to my friends Paper, Stickers, Scissors and Tags,
i am 
while cooking once again

This simple and delicious recipe found HERE
Recipe Keeper found HERE
{comes with paper for printing that slide into the sleeves if cutting and pasting isn't your thing!}

I'm joining Kim for
and Kat for her


  1. that's a very creative recipe holder and very cheerful too. The soup sounds perfect for October weather.

  2. Great, delicious post, thanks. We are a big family of chicken noodle soup, and the crock-pot is still a very good friend of ours!

  3. Fun post! As the days get shorter, I've been thinking about soup. too. I've seen so many good looking crockpot recipes lately. I must find mine! Thanks for the links....

  4. i LOVE my slow cooker and don't use it much in the summer but i don't really know why!! i have a chicken noodle soup recipe on my pinterest that is just the best. i am a noodle snob, it just must have noodles, but all the other ingredients are about the same!!!

    and recipes, i don't use them much, i bring the ipad in the kitchen and almost everything i make now is on pinterest. this is really a great idea, one you can pass on to dear daughter!! i have sons, so i don't think anyone is going to care about my recipes!!!!

  5. I think I'll be dusting mine off this weekend!

  6. I use mine year-round. Busy lives... and laziness. Not really "us" being lazy. I love being able to "lazy-cook" where I get to dump and go. And you're right. The slow cooker really does let us eat clean, if we want to. Great job on the cookbook. Looks like your mojo is going pretty good! Coming at you from Mama's Losin' It!

  7. The slow cooker is just the BEST way to spend a gloomy fall day. There's nothing like the smell of a warm meal cooking away.

  8. I've already whipped out my slow cooker! It's definitely chili season again. Made Cajun bean and venison sausage soup yesterday. I find it so comforting to have a soup cooking all day, knowing that dinner is in the works.

  9. This is darling! I love using my crock pot for soups and stews. It is just so cozy for chilly days.