Monday, October 19, 2015

Feathers, feathers and more feathers...

 Saturday was such a GOOD day to be outside.
It was one of those New England days ~ the crisp air, blue sky perfect fall days!
My feathered friends at the pond were out in full force,
enjoying the day right along with me.

 Seagulls and Cormorants

 Wonder what's so interesting??

 First blue Heron...on a fishing expedition...

 ...missed the fish, but came back out of the water shaking his feathers.
I've never seen one of these guys "ruffled" up.

 Second Blue Heron - look at those knobby knees!

There's a new visitor to the pond.
One, seemingly RANDOM, Great White Egret.
It's been all the buzz!

He moved around the back waters, hunting, fishing, swallowing.
While the Heron tends to stand still or move slowly to chase his prey,
this guy moved about much more,
making many more attempts to catch his lunch.

I enjoyed watching him...his movements are more graceful than either the swans or herons.


The FUN this weekend, for me, was the foliage.
{Yesterday's post Autumn Woods is proof of that!}
But I never tire of watching the swans...
and set against this autumn gold, they are especially easy on the eyes.

Happy Monday everyone!
Glad to be back in my rhythm and joining Tamar for


  1. if i were those guys, i would definitely be heading south, with a stop over at the jersey shore ;)

    i love those cormorants, although i have no idea how to pronounce their name!!!

  2. These are gorgeous! Love the ones where they are back lit!