Monday, October 26, 2015

Mt. Auburn Cemetery ~ The Tower

I try to make a trip to Mt. Auburn Cemetery each year in the fall.
The foliage is spectacular there,
and the walkways and pathways seem to go on forever.

Saturday, on a very chilly, gray New England day,
I spent a few hours wandering...
This place normally sets me to wondering
and dreaming, to hoping and planning.
Something about the combination of beauty and the finality of my life span
seems to give me perspective.
And determination.

Not so on Saturday.

From the top of Mountain Ave,
at the base of the tower,
this is the view of Boston.
Always a pretty sight for this city.
Love this sky line.
For some reason,
this Saturday,
the longer I wandered and the more I sought out familiar
and pleasing sights,
the more melancholy I became.

But I climbed.
I love the old tower,
and so up I went.

The view from the first balcony is just above tree level,
and this particular tree struts its stuff each year.

Here's the balcony view of Boston...
with a little foliage thrown in just for fun!
I got a little shaky on the climb.
Not the climbing itself, but the height was getting to me.
Felt my knees get a bit the same way that claustrophobia effects me.
This did not help my mood.
I can't stand that body-out-of-control feeling!

Here's Boston from the top.
I made myself stay up there,
take a bunch of photos
and breath in the crisp air.
Weak knees were NOT going to win the day.

On the way down, I held on tightly to the rail,
glad I had come...
and climbed...
and gotten that foliage view.
But definitely feeling like this just wasn't any fun.

Once back at the bottom of the hill,
I posted a photo.
Cause that's just what I do.
And then I texted the same photo {the one on the left} to my son.
He's not on social media,
so when I want him to see a pic I text it to him after I post it.
He works down town,
right near the base of that tower on the right.
So I love seeing the skyline even more when I know he's right there.

A minute or two after I sent him the pic,
he sent me the photo back with his little stick-figure-self saying hi to me.

A mood lifter!
Something about that little connection put a smile on my face
and lightened my step.

Funny thing, moods.
You just never know when they might invade,
where in the heck they've come from
or what might chase them away.
Don't know about you, but I could do without them.

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  1. This made me happy! What a beautiful place we have in our back yard!!

  2. Those are such lovely photos, greetings!