Friday, November 27, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Thank

Today, I thank God for this
place. This oh - so - special place.
Tomorrow there will be feasting and
family. My oh - so - wonderful family.
{we carve our turkey on Friday
so workers can work and married
kids can visit with two families}

So today was my day. Mine.

It was a joy to follow
 all the oh - so - familiar pathways
around my favorite pond. Horn Pond.
I spent hours wandering ~ grateful for
the reflections on the water and
the reflections that filled my heart.

So very many blessings to count
in this leaf-flying, letting go,
and oh - so - magical holiday season!

My Memory Art six word fridays
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only Six Words in each line!
{and I'm linking with Weekend Reflections}


  1. I'm blown away by these wonderful reflections! I love how the leaves seem to be floating on clouds.

  2. boy adrienne these are really lovely. the reflections, your narrative, always so thoughtful!!!!!

  3. Wow! That first shot is superb. Love the clouds and fallen leaves in the water with their reflections

  4. Wow, that first shot is magic


  5. the reflections are stunning...especially the first photo...and the leaves!!!

  6. Lovely photos! I like the idea of having the meal on a later day so everyone can attend.

  7. back to share my grand nieces, i am so very thankful for them!!!!

  8. love your photo's.....the reflections and the leaves floating on the surface.

  9. Wow, the last two look upside down.