Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

I had a really lovely weekend.
Four straight days at home.
Full of family and feasting, football and fun.
With plenty of time to myself.
And you know what some good "me" time always includes...
yes, you guessed it.
Time at my favorite pond.

On Sunday, I was snuggled under a warm blanket...
enjoying coffee and some re-runs
and not feeling like I wanted to venture out into the cold.
I was undecided.
You know that place ~ knowing the good you ought to do, but not quite sure you're going to do it.
I unburied myself long enough to clean the kitchen, 
and then stepped outside with a bag of trash for the outside bins.
Funny thing...
Sitting in my driveway,
just taking a little rest in the sunshine,
was an elderly couple.
Completely random, never-before-seen elderly couple.
They were seated in the little chair part of the walkers they were using.
So I headed over to say hello.
Turns out, they were out for a stroll...and had never wandered as far along the sidewalk as they just had.
Didn't even know the sidewalk went this far!
Just the sweetest pair.

Well, I knew then that I'd venture out for a walk. Because if they could push themselves to get out of their comfortable, safe, warm home on this sunny November day...well then so could I!

It's no coincidence, I think, that as I walked the pond on Sunday
I saw many elderly folks.
Some with a spouse.
Some with a friend.
Some on their own.
It's as if the universe was sending me an object lesson!

Keep moving, Adrienne.
Keep moving.
So that as you age, you can grow stronger and remain active.
Well, universe...message received. Thanks!

One of our holiday weekend traditions is making sure we find the time for a puzzle.
This was a fun one!
And pretty enough that it might even rate a frame!

Hope your weekend was a fun one!

Joining Tamar today for some
Good. Random. Fun.


  1. it's always a good idea to uncover one's self, even though it is difficult to get out from under those cozy blankets. it looks like a lot of people did the same....

    our puzzle of santa is unfinished!!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I saw on IG that Bri Eggers of NBC 7 did the same puzzle, too funny!

  3. So glad you had a fun weekend, you deserve it!

  4. A few years ago some ad on TV claimed " a body in motion, stays in motion". I can't remember what they were selling, but that comment stuck with me. It's helped my mom too, 88 and still taking the bus to Target! Love your story today!

  5. Your weather looks pretty chilly. Love the frosty thistle. We have a new puzzle out too. Yeah! Stimulating the brain.