Thursday, December 17, 2015

Six Word Fridays ~ Love

Love is a funny, funny word.
If you visit here a lot
you know that I love these
tiny little flowers... smaller than my
pinkie finger nail, they remind me
of my first love ~ the sunflower.
You also know that I love
my family...that I'm blessed with
a husband of thirty years who
becomes an even dearer friend with
each passing year. I love him.
And the two kids...I'm full
of all sorts of love for
them too ~ no surprise there, right?

But on this Friday, I'll tell
you ~ in lines of six words ~
how much I've loved this challenge.
For the 216th time I'll share
my heart, six words at a
time...and say a bitter sweet
farewell to this weekly link up.

Thanks to Melissa who got it
started, passed the torch to me
and sparked this bit of creativity!
Thanks so so so so much
to all who have joined in!
I'm guessing this won't be the
last you see of my six
word creations...I love telling tales
this way. Who knows?! I might
even go crazy, and write a
six word post on a Tuesday!!

My Memory Art six word fridays

Join in - one more time - share
your story, six words per line!