Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 ~ Two Words.

I've changed. I mean, seriously...haven't we all? 
And I've stayed the same. In fact, I'm beginning to believe that the more I change...
the more I plow down walls and obstacles that have seemed insurmountable to me for years... the more I stay the same! 
I've surrendered ~ some times with fear and trepidation ~ and yet haven't lost anything that's at the very core of ME. In fact, the deeper the surrender, the more crystal clear that core person becomes. The more I'm in sync with her. The more I like her. The more sure I become that she is capable of so much. 
So. Much. More.

My word for 2014 was "tree" {see post} and my word for 2015 was "rest" {see post} ... two pretty passive words, one might think. Interesting to know that I cannot remember two more transformative years ever in my 55 years on this planet. And for someone who's lived on two continents, raised two kids and enjoyed over 30 years of marriage, that's saying something! I'm enjoying my now. My life as it is these days. So, searching for a word that would propel me into 2016 wasn't really on my radar...And yet, come to me they did. Two words. From a very surprising source!

On the Monday before Christmas I received a call from our landlord. Yup. It was THAT call. They are selling our house, and we'll need to find another humble abode before too long. Ick. Moving. No one's favorite thing. And not at all what I'd envisioned for these next 365 days around the sun. But, move we will! Our hope is to buy a little place, and settle... fingers crossed! As I started to wrap my mind around this new reality, two words kept coming to me:

Lean and Mean.

Now, if you know me at all, those are not words I'd usually be drawn to! But they seem to be ringing true as I look ahead to 2016. I love the following description that I found of this phrase:

Lean and Mean:
(idiomatic) efficient because of having nothing in excess of what is needed, and single-minded in one's objective

First of all, this applies to the move. I will not take anything with me into our new space that is not needed or cherished. Period.

Secondly, these are two words that motivate my wellness journey. NOT - let me repeat - NOT in the sense of being mean to myself, or hard on myself...nope. Wasted way too many years on that nonsense. But... Look at that definition I found of 'lean and mean' ...what a GREAT wellness motto! A body that's efficient. That has nothing in excess of what is needed to live well! I'm in love with this thought!

Thirdly, I am becoming more and more single minded in my objective to launch a website and a small, on-line business. It will happen this year. And I'm very excited about that!

I've also started thinking about the notions of LEANing in and LEANing on. And about MEANing ~ really meaning ~ what I say...what I put out there in the universe!

So ~ to all of you who join me in this's to a fantastic 2016! May intentions find your heart and may we live full, healthy and happy lives as we continue our journeys together!

Joining Kim and Kat today!


  1. These are great words and already you have a great start at how they will apply!

    Happy 2016! (there is a house for sale in my neighborhood...just saying)

  2. I love those words! Now I see that they apply to so much more than a body shape. I'm with you on the moving thing. We did that last year in October. We moved to a house half the size of our old one so I was hell-bent on getting rid of anything we didn't need. And there was lots of it. It was like pouring our life through a funnel. But I feel so much lighter and more organized now and I love our little house. Lean and Mean is good! Stopping by from Mama Kat's :-)

  3. What a year it's shaping up to be!! Sorry about THAT call, ugh!!

  4. Oh wow...I gotta tell ya...I am totally gonna "steal" your two words for myself too. My goal is to embrace them as whole heartedly as you are. May the odds be forever in BOTH our favor in 2016!

  5. These are perfect words and the extra "mean"ing that you are applying to them is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this. Hope you have a very wonderful 2016!

  6. Great words. Good post. No fun to get "that" call, but you are handling it beautifully. Well done! Happy New Year ......

  7. Love it. A great outlook for 2016 and good vibes on your search for home. I think the older I get, the more I appreciate 'less'.

  8. you are always spot on...deep in thought and meaning!!! you look great adrienne, i "mean" really great. you will always be successful you are bright and determined!!

    moving....oh now that's just a bummer!!!!

  9. Great words and thoughts for 2016! You will have a great year !

  10. Small, online business? Do tell! I am anxious to see what the year brings you. May it all be good!

  11. Your "lean and mean" goals are going to take you places! Have a great year!

  12. Ooooh I love what you did with those words when you expanded them with the -ing!! Great picks for 2016!

  13. This is so well thought. I'm excited for you and in many ways envy a move. Moves are always synonymous with a fresh start. I love the idea of pairing down to essentials. I've been in the same house 8 years now, which is the longest ever. Hopefully finding your new home will be a great gift and adventure. And personally, I can see you growing stronger over the last couple years. I know 2016 will be more of that. I admire you!

  14. Great words and a great overall philosophy. Hope your year proves to be all you hope for!
    I also picked two words this year - calm and control.

  15. Wow...I'm trying to catch up with what's going on in your life when I saw the moving boxes. Ugh! But, apparently you are facing the move straight on and with blessings to come from it for sure. I hope to reopen one of my Etsy shops too...maybe this year?! I hope your business venture falls into place for you.