Monday, January 4, 2016

{Good Random Fun} Week 1

The Good 
Yoga is good.
A delight.
A long-time dream realized.
It feels so right to be carrying this new habit,
this new practice,
into the new year.

And is there anything quite as yummy as a new journal?
I love the clean slate/fresh start feel of that first page.

The Random
Zen and the Coloring Craze.
I'm trying it!
Love the colors. Need a pencil sharpener.
Feels a tad random to me.
Yet to totally see the point.
Which, I suppose might be the point? That there isn't one?
It does cross my mind that I'm not great at doing things that produce "nothing" ...
All the crafting I do, which I find enormously therapeutic,
turns into something. A card. A book..... a blog post.
So far, I'm enjoying this, and asking myself if NOT having a point is, in fact the point.
And WHY do I need to always be "producing" something...Hmmm....

The {should have been} Fun
It was NOT a good football weekend for me and my boys.
Saturday night we watched our Ducks drown in the second half of their bowl game.
At least we were together.
It was fun to be down town and hanging at the bar where my son works.
Would have been LOTS more fun had they won!
And don't even talk to me about the Patriots.
Really. Don't.
Too. Much. Stress.

Maybe I should have stuck to coloring?!?

Joining Tamar and Judith


  1. Enjoy the yoga!!

    I need to carve out more coloring time - relax with it instead of working all night at home...
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I have a hard time doing things that produce no fact, that's why I don't like yoga - it doesn't feel active enough. But I know my body needs it for overall health. Just like we probably could all use a good dose of doing something that doesn't necessarily produce results (like coloring). (This makes sense to me, but now that I've typed it out it seems like babble.)

  3. Oh the fresh start of a new year with the things we love to do...I am trying coloring too. Used to love it!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  4. I couldn't live without yoga, I alternate it with treadmill and weight workouts. Yoga has a way of keeping this grandmother's body fluid in motion. :-)
    The colouring looks like fun, I make my own cards and do mine on them.

  5. you are doing good things, good for the body and soul. i don't journal anymore, my blog is my journal. yours is beautiful!!! i have read about the coloring books, i know i would love it but feel more productive knitting and scrapping......but i do really want to try it!!!

    thanks again for all your help. i am trying to become comfortable with the mac (not so easy) but not so bad.....i composed tomorrows blog post on it, but it took much longer. stay tuned, i hope to implement many more changes to the blog!!!!!

  6. Sounds like you have a great start to the new year. I used to have my special education behavior students color for theraputic purposes. Calmed them wonderfully!

  7. You are doing so many awesome things! I love having a hobby for no other point than enjoyment.